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2014 Nautilus  Awards Winners ate now posted

Nautilus Book Awards Categories

                                                    GENERAL CATEGORIES

001 - Aging Gracefully / Retirement  Dealing with all concerns unique to aging  and
retirement; finding ways to enjoy and appreciate the golden years  with enthusiasm,    
gratitude, and good health.     
002 - Animals / Nature Promoting awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural world and its myriad inhabitants; includes special stories of our furred and feathered friends.
003 - Body-Centered Practices and Movement Therapies   Physical and mind-body  and energy-based approaches designed to keep our bodies balanced, healthy and fit; Includes but not limited to yoga, tai chi, Pilates, massage, etc. 

004 - Business / Leadership  Progressive, innovative, whole-system practices that address the wise stewardship of public, private and / or nonprofit companies; personal as well as institutional solutions
005 - Creative Process  Instruction, description or demonstration in the creative arts, including but not limited to writing, poetry, visual mediums, and other artistic forms; includes art for and about children
006 - Ecology / Environment  Topics that specifically address threats, opportunities, and new approaches for preserving the health of our air, water, land, and ecosystems - locally as well as globally
007- Fiction   Imaginative storytelling that reflects the power and resilience of the human spirit, often involving ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances who respond to challenges with the highest aspects of human nature
008- Food / Cooking / Healthy Eating 
Promoting the healing power of food; preparing food to taste good, nourish the body, and appeal to the senses; includes nutritional guidance and dietary information
009 Gift / Specialty  Unique books and non-book items (cards, games, etc.) that focus on and/or express social, cultural, or spiritual consciousness
010 Green Living / Sustainability  Practical strategies that support responsible stewardship in building, energy, conservation, and "natural" living; can address such activities as home ecosystems, gardening / farming, landscape design, and construction
011- Grieving / Death & Dying  Acknowledging the challenges and transitions of loss with a sense of acceptance, recovery, healing, and wisdom; may include personal stories and memoirs that touch the heart or help another in a similar situation
012- Health & Healing / Wellness / Prevention / Vitality  Proven practices, products, and programs that restore, sustain, and/or improve the mind, body, and spirit

 013 - Heroic Journeys 'new' True stories of courage and collaboration, leadership and sportsmanship, and acts that overcome obstacles or impossible odds
014 - Inner Prosperity / Right Livelihood  'new' Providing tools and insights that facilitate personal and professional achievments
015 - Journalism / Investigative Reporting  Intelligent, thoughtful reporting on current or newsworthy events that raise awareness about issues affecting the health, safety, or transformative potential of individuals, institutions, and cultures
016 - Memoir / Personal Journey  Writing based on personal history and reflection that reveals personal growth and transition as well as relevance to greater social situations or circumstances
017 - Multicultural / Indigenous  Deepening our understanding of unfamiliar or diverse cultures and peoples; includes books with intercultural examples, experiences, and practices
018 - Parenting / Family  Supporting the nurturing, teaching, and guidance of children through all stages of life; examining the family unit and its possibilities, responsibilities, and dynamics
019- Personal Growth / Self-Help   Developing self-understanding as a key to a better world; learning to cultivate a life of responsibility, accountability, and fulfillment
020 - Psychology / Mental & Emotional Well-Being  'new'  Understanding the roots and treatments for dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes. Includes approaches that promote greater personal awareness, individual well-being, and improved interactions within a group or family
 021 - Photography / Art  Celebrating beauty in its myriad forms as a visual expression of high-level concerns and values; includes coffee table books on subjects relating to a better world
022 - Poetry  Arousing compassion, wisdom, greater understanding, empathy, or passion through the artful and poetic use of language
023 - Relationship & Communication  How we develop, strengthen and sustain meaningful interactions and relationships in the varied facets of life, including friendships, marriage, community and workplace

024 A - Religion / Spirituality -  Eastern Traditions: Perspectives grounded in the core of Eastern Traditions

024 B - Religion / Spirituality - Western Traditions: Perspectives grounded in the core of Western Traditions

024 C - Religion / Spirituality - Other Traditions: Perspectives grounded in other practices and traditions, including approaches that speak to the common spirituality of all beings and of their connection to the Divine

025 - Science / Cosmology - New insights from neuroscience, philosophy, and the study of human consciousness on the unfolding story of who we are, how we think, and our place in the universe

026 - Social Change - Innovative, forward-thinking practices and perspectives for improving societal structures through awareness and activism

027 - Women - Focusing on the multi-dimentional roles of women in life and in leadership around the world

                                           CHILDREN - TEENS - YOUNG ADULTS
Literature can be an important factor in shaping children's worldviews, and we believe it is essential that it be crafted with their best interests in mind, and in the spirit of Nautilus Award values; spiritual growth, conscious living & positive social change, that inspire and connect our lives - as individuals, communities, and global citizens. These ideals can be addressed in many ways:, picture books, fiction and nonfiction, art, and poetry.  Outstanding children's writing is encouraged, and  will be honored in the following categories.

028- Children's Picture Books: ages 2-6 years (Preschool-Grade 2))

029- Children's Illustrated: 6-9 years (Grades 1-4) Note: This category has a greater text-picture ratio than  children's picture books and includes chapter books, fairy  tales, imaginative and factual literature.

030 - Middle Grade Fiction: ages 8-12  (Grades 4 -7)

031  - Middle Grade Non-Fiction: ages 8-12 (Grades 4-7)
032 - Young Adult (YA) Fiction: ages 13-19+ (Grades 8th - 12th)

033 - Young Adult (YA) Non-Fiction: ages 13-19+ (Grades 8th - 12th)