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The 2015 Nautilus Season closed in Feb. 2016.
We thank you all for your excellent entries!!

The 2015 Award-winning Books will be
announced on this website by end of April 2016. All persons on the Nautilus Mail List will receive notice when the Winners are posted on the website.

The 2016 Nautilus Season will open
on September 21, 2016, accepting entries
of print books, in English, published during
2015 or 2016.

The Nautilus Mission continues...
To recognize, promote, and celebrate books
that support conscious living, high-level wellness,
spiritual growth,
and positive social change. 

(link below for Entry Form will be active again in Sept.)

Opening & Closing Dates


(Entry Form, Payment Options)



How Many Copies

How to Send

Shipping Address

We invite you to submit your most noteworthy books to  the 18th Annual Nautilus Book Awards - a unique awards program that recognizes and celebrates books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living, green values, and positive social change.  We also value books that stimulate the imagination and offer the reader new possibilities for a better life and a better world.

Gold, Silver and Grand awards are given to books of exceptional merit that make a literary and heartfelt contribution to the fields of high-level wellness, green values and responsible leadership, as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspiration.  We accept print books, written in English, from the USA, and all other countries. This year, the Entries need to have been published during Jan. 2013 through Dec. 2015.

A Cash Prize will be given to one Grand Winner selected from the Gold Winners in all Core Categories.  Winners will be announced in May 2016.

All print books entered in any category of the Nautilus Awards by small presses or that are self-published will be eligible for our Honorary Small Press awards and will be entered by our judges as contenders in the Small Press or the Self-Published category for no additional fee.


 Opening and Closing Dates:

Opening Date:  September 23, 2015 
      * All dates below are by Postmark Date of national postal service (USA or international mail), and by private delivery service (eg, FedEx, UPS).
         Sept 23- Oct 31, 2015  Earliest Entry Fee
         Nov 1- Dec 12              Early Entry Fee

         Dec 13- Feb 13, 2016   Regular Entry Fee 
      Entry Fee $185 for one category, plus $155 if you choose a 2nd category!
          - pay online via PayPal, or mail a Check.

We will accept all Book Packages that are MAILED by February 13 ~ Postmark date from anywhere on the planet.  :o)  


The 2015 Nautilus Book Awards is now accepting entries in 37 subject categories, with 8 of those categories for Children, Teens and Young Adults.
  *   Any print book in English

  *    copyrighted or published during 2013– 2015
is eligible to enter the 2015 Nautilus Book Awards program
We accept books from traditional publishers, small presses, and self-publishers.

Each year the Nautilus Book Awards has an honorary category to acknowledge and recognize
  *  Best in Small Press, and
  *  Best Self-Published book.
Our judges consider a Small Press title to be any book that qualifies for entry in the Nautilus Awards and is from a publisher who produces 10 books or fewer a year, and those books are from multiple authors.

All qualified, paid submissions from small presses become candidates for these awards.
It cannot be entered otherwise.

All books must have an ISBN number.

Note: An Entry Form must be filled out for each copy of each book and inserted (not taped) inside the front cover.  You will need to make multiple copies of the Entry Form so you can put a copy in each book. See the "2015 Entry Form" (BELOW) for detailed instructions.

Your registration is not complete until your payment is received, and the Books are postmarked by the due-date for that Entry Fee period. 

 Registration (Entry Form, Payment Options):

        CLICK the link below for the Entry Form –
           then print, fill out, and make copies (a copy for each book mailed).

1. You may include your Check with your books and entry forms. A single check (payable to "Nautilus Book Awards") may be written to cover all categories entered.
          2. You may pay online via PayPal, either by credit card or PayPal account.

             Note: If you select option 2 - you will need to ship your books with Entry Forms 
            separately from the payment.

Pay Online: first Category
Pay Online: additional Categories
Dec. 13, 2015– Feb. 13, 2016
Entry Fee for first category
         $185 per title
 For same title in a second or
 third category - see next box
Book Title, Author

Dec. 13, 2015– Feb. 13, 2016
Entry Fee for each

additional (2nd, 3rd) category
for the same Title

   $155 per title

Book Title, Author

Note1:  You need to pay the Fee for a First Category (left-box above) before the book is eligible for the lower fee of an Additional Category.

Nautilus accepts PayPal payments only online (via PayPal account or Credit Card –Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express).

  How many copies:

    We need four (4) copies of each Book Title for the initial category that you enter.

    If you enter the SAME title in additional categories, please send three (3) additional books for each
    additional category entered.

    Example: If you enter a title in Ecology & Environment – plus you want to enter the same title in
    Memoir, and also in Social Change – You will need to send 4 + 3 + 3 books, for a total of ten (10)
    books for three categories.
You will send total of seven (7) books for a Title entered in two categories. 

 How to Send:

Please ship Books with Entry forms in same package, using a nation-wide shipping service such as FedEx , UPS; or U.S. Priority Mail, so you can insure and/or track your package.

Note: For international mail from other nations, use your national Mail Service, and send the package to the PO Box address (see below).

NOTE: For USA senders – The best shipping option is to use the

Please arrange to be able to track your package so you will know when it arrives -
  You have the option to purchase a ''Confirmation of Delivery" receipt.
     Please do not mail via U.S. Postal Service unless you ship Priority Mail.   You can ask for a 
             Confirmation of Delivery receipt, OR Include a SASP (postcard) for confirmation of book arrival.

     DO NOT SEND 4TH CLASS BOOK RATE mail, as it can often take weeks to arrive and cannot
     be insured or tracked. exception: If you live in the Seattle/Puget Sound area, Book Rate works fine.


    PLEASE NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS FOR SHIPPING!     Thank you very much.  

    Nautilus Book Awards  
    Mary Belknap, Director
    P.O. BOX 2285  VASHON, WA 98070  USA  
                                   * for packages via US Mail – includes Priority Mail 
                                   * for all International Mail services    

     ONLY for FedEx, or UPS (door delivery, no mail-box):
                              9427 SW 156th St, VASHON, WA 98070  USA 

  The 2016 Nautilus Season will open
on September 21, 2016, accepting entries
of print books published during 2015 or 2016.


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