The Nautilus Story

Recognizing Books that Promote Spiritual Growth, High-Level Wellness,
                           Conscious Living & Sustainability,  and Positive Social Change.

 Since ancient times, storytellers and scribes worldwide have gathered and shared the culture's words and ideas in ways that encourage its people to think, feel, and improve the lives of upcoming generations.  For centuries, the world's great philosophers and leaders have used books to inspire the masses and affect their attitudes and emotions - not always for the better. 

With mass global communication, political upheaval, depletion and destruction of our natural resources along with religious and secular fanaticism all growing, the need for books that promote viable options for positive social change and collective well-being is definitely growing. The phrase Changing the World One Book at a Time is more meaningful than ever.

Nautilus Book Awards began in 1997.  During the original few years, there was steady growth in the book categories, and increasing visibility of the Awards among several groups of persons in the publishing industry and the general culture. The first theme that emerged was recognizing books that spoke about "intuition" and intuitive self-awareness; it was the early time of literary and scientific contributions to the books about greater Self-knowledge, the relationships between cognitive knowing, emotional awareness, and intuitive knowing, and the integral wisdom that can arise from their unity.  The second major theme to emerge was the acceleration of environmental studies in the decade of 2000's; several book categories were added to the Nautilus program that focused on relationships between humans and nature, between technologic innovations and economic evolution - and between individual life-styles and sustainability.

The second decade of Nautilus brought deepening of some of the original categories: Religion & Spirituality became diversified to include three segments, based on Eastern Traditions, Western Traditions, and Other Traditions.  Food & Cooking expanded to include Healthy Eating, and many entries focused on specific national or ethnic variants on Healthy Eating. Another area of expansion between 2005- 2010 was the gradual increase in entries from Authors in other nations beyond the USA; the international flavor of "Better Books for a Better World" was a natural and very welcome development for the Nautilus program. 

During the past three years, Nautilus has begun a new chapter. We actively promote the program to bookstores and libraries, have dialogue with middle-school and high school teachers about books that their students enjoy. The young readers are a precious resource and responsibility for those of us now selecting Award-Winning books; we seek to uplift and make visible new authors who write creative and innovative stories for young people.  Better Books emerge, in our view, from authors who practice truth-telling in all its flavors, who stretch the dance between reality and story-telling, between individual self-narrative and the glimmers of a future society where I-Thou relationships flourish and millions of humans can truly live together in peace and joy.

The Nautilus program continues to process and examine the book entries with deep attention, integrity, and enthusiasm for authors' voices.
The annual Silver and Gold Winners are carefully selected in a unique three-tier judging process by experienced teams of book reviewers, librarians, educators, authors, editors, engaged parents, dedicated book readers, and book store owners.

Each year for the past two decades we have offered exhibit opportunities at the Book Expo America for these inspirational and life-changing books. We are pleased that so many of the authors of Silver and Gold Winning titles have chosen to exhibit their books at this largest book show in North America. We now offer exhibit opportunities at several major book shows in the USA and in other countries.

The 2017 Nautilus Book Awards will open for entries on September 21, 2017 and will accept entries in 40 subject categories, including eight categories for Children, Middle-Grades, and Young Adults.  Any print book, in English, copyrighted from January 2016 through December 2017, is eligible. 

Closing Date for entering will be February 12, 2018 (by postmark date on book package).  Please see Guidelines for Entering for more specifics.

The Nautilus Book Awards are named for the mollusk whose beautiful,
pearl-lined shell contains chambers of increasing size which the sea creature
constructs for itself as it grows. The nautilus symbolizes both ancient wisdom
and expanding horizons, both the elegance of nature and a continual growth
of understanding and awareness. 

  Thank you for your interest in the Nautilus program - and blessings on your journey. 
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