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Author Resources

Nautilus Book Awards is happy to share a few author resources. We have worked with these companies or individuals or they come recommended by friends of Nautilus. We hope to grow this resource list in the future. Please reach out if you or someone you know fit with our Nautilus values and have an author service you would like to offer.


Ascot Media Services

(Award-Winning Benefit Provider)

Nautilus Book Awards has partnered with Ascot  Media Group which is a global book PR firm known for its transparent, inexpensive, and highly effective month-to-month PR plans- click here.


Take a look at their testimonials:

To sign up, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, choose a campaign. Their Select plans are their most popular.

  2. Request an online DocuSign Agreement from, or fill out this PDF version

​     3. Download from their site the Ascot Media Questionnaire and return it in to:


If you have any questions, you can send an email to

"The information Ascot sent me to prepare for the campaign was really impressive. It was very helpful and very professional. On top of that,
every communication I had with various people at Ascot was immensely

warm and caring, while also effective and professional."

— Jeff Golden, 2023 Grand Prize Winner


Book Award Pro

(Award-Winning Benefit Provider)


Book Award Pro is known as the fresh, modern way to help authors get discovered, win validation, and sell more books. They are also a team of real people who take pride in their work and provide excellent customer service.


Publicists, agencies, publishers, and industry experts can use the power of Book Award Pro to easily bring story marketing to their authors, keep relationships fresh, and make their work more impactful.


Book Award Pro is more than software — They partner to help authors succeed!


The Book Revue

(Award-Winning Benefit Provider)

The Book Revue is where the magic of storytelling comes to life! Their platform is more than just a collection of pages; it's a vibrant community where readers and authors unite in their love for the written word. Through their curated selection of books, insightful reviews, and engaging discussions, they foster connections that transcend the boundaries of the written page.

They offer affordable plans for a review of your book, guarantee results, and help you publicize too.


Please contact The Book Revue for more information.


Conscious Media Relations

“As an author, coach, speaker, filmmaker, visionary leader, or Conscious business entrepreneur, you no doubt know the value of publicity. But finding a media relations expert who knows the Mind/Body/Spirit/Self Help/Personal Development/ Transformational marketplace and doesn’t have a steep learning curve may be a challenge.

Look no further. Conscious Media Relations specializes in authors, films, companies, and resources that serve the mind/body/spirit marketplace. We believe we have the nation’s most comprehensive media lists covering this sector…lists that we have been growing and cultivating for half a dozen years. 

We also have 35 years of mainstream media publicity experience, so we bridge the world between these two. Agency founder Jackie Lapin is herself an award-winning bestselling author in personal growth and a book marketing coach. We welcome the opportunity to help deliver your message to an aware and increasingly conscious audience. We have created and selected vehicles that we believe can connect you to people who have a passion for your concepts, books, messages, and resources.”

They have served such authors as Don Miguel Ruiz, Denise Linn, and James Twyman

Please visit for additional information.

Please contact Jackie


Dea Shandera-Hunter

Dea Shandera-Hunter is a highly regarded and seasoned media and entertainment creative executive and offers a personalized approach to marketing your book.

She has a variety of experience working in marketing and has served tenures over twenty years at Paramount Pictures, The Walt Disney Company/The Disney Channel, and MGM with her most recent post being Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for MGM Television. She has a reputation for being an out-of-the-box thinker with a unique approach that has made a significant difference for the companies and individuals she has worked with.

Since leaving the studios she has consulted in every area of the communications and entertainment businesses from publicity to production through distribution for books, products, films, and television. Some of her clients have included Waterside Productions, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Hansa Productions, Gener8Xion Entertainment, MGM, Trifecta Entertainment and Media, Rocky Mountain Pictures, Regent Releasing, Drama House Productions, Off the Pier Productions, Universal Music, Abrams Books, and One08.

She’s worked with a variety of authors including James Redfield, William Gladstone, Ervin Laszlo, Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Patricia Cori, Mike Anthony, Sande Hart, David Parker, Terry Jastrow, Arjuna Ardagh, Temple Hayes, Dr. Sylva Dvorak, Chris and Janet Attwood, and Robert Clancy to name a few.

Please contact her for more information!


(747) 239-1715  or  (310) 699-7880


LaunchMoxie: Author Marketing

For more information check out: or email:

Join us as an Expert in Personal or Professional Development…we’re an author Co-op.

The success of your business is directly proportional to the size and quality of your customer list — and the trust they have in you. Build your mailing list and build your business.


Combined Book Exhibit

(Award-Winning Benefit Provider) contact: or 914-739-7500

They are a marketing service providing the physical display of books for authors and publishers at major book fairs around the world without the authors or publishers attending personally. Our trained staff attends all book fairs and has an average of 25 years of publishing experience among them.

Please note CBE attends a wide variety of fairs around the world with each show having its niche market. It’s important to understand what show will be the best fit for the needs of your book.


Share Wisdom: Video and Conference Production

“We are passionate about expanding the message of people making positive change.”

They have provided Nautilus Book Awards video recording services for our previous winners.

They specialize in providing individuals and organizations an exceptional broadcast TV style engagement for their global audience through a dynamic, interactive, and visually beautiful presentation experience. They serve the educational, medical, and general business communities worldwide. They offer a unique remote production capability for in-person or virtual conferences, workshops, training, courses, interviews, and more that can be live or pre-recorded, or a mix of pre-recorded and live. They offer a soft, hands-on approach to each project and are very experienced in helping clients set up their set/scene, audio, and video.


Many authors are aware that recording an audio book can be a helpful next step in the publishing and promotion of their book.

Ease of Mind- audio specialists

(Award-Winning Benefit Provider)

Ease of Mind is one of our partners for our award-winning author benefits. Please contact them at:  or set up a live call here: calendar link. 

“At Ease of Mind, we specialize in helping authors harness the power of audiobooks to amplify their impact. Narrating your audiobook isn't just about translating words into speech; it's about creating a profound connection with your audience, infusing your passion and expertise into every word. With our innovative remote recording method, we empower authors worldwide to craft their audiobooks from the comfort of their own homes. Whether your aim is to establish a deeper connection with your audience, expand your reach, or elevate your brand visibility, Ease of Mind is your dedicated partner in this endeavor.”

Independent and/or Small Publishers


Red Thread Publishing

Contact Red Thread at their website:

Sierra Melcher, Founder of Red Thread Publishing, “I always wanted to write a book, but I never really believed I could. Each time I tried, I got stuck and eventually abandoned each project. After 15 years of wishing & sporadically attempting something finally clicked. Since then with the right strategy and directed effort, I have written & and published over 10 books in just 3 years.”

Red Thread Publishing was founded on the belief that women have invaluable wisdom to contribute to the collective narrative. writing & and publishing with ease. Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you write the stories they must tell. We show you how to write with ease, publish high-quality books, and position yourself as an expert with your book as the foundation of a business.

In the last two years, we have helped nearly 50 women become published authors.


SoulWisdom Press & PR

(Award-Winning Benefit Provider)

SoulWisdom Press & PR offers book marketing for authors at all stages of their journeys, and publishers and publicists who support spiritual, wellness and environmentally focused authors. Whether you are (or represent) an aspiring, launching or existing author, we have resources and innovative ways to support the blossoming of your book(s).


With services including Amazon bestseller campaigns, guaranteed bulk sales ranging from 100-10,000 ebook, print and/or audiobooks per week,  book reviews, national media and podcast placements, what’s unique about SoulWisdom is that we fulfill thier promises, or give your money back for any investment you make with them. 


Their team has transformed over 1,000 books from struggling for visibility to becoming Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo bestsellers in their categories. Agency founder Ananta Ripa Ajmera is a 10-time award-winning, 2-time bestselling author with Penguin Random House and Hachette Book Group, who has been interviewed by fellow Nautilus award winning author Dr. Deepak Chopra. Both of her books have received Nautilus Awards, so she feels grateful to this community and inspired to give back and support members of it. 


Book a free 30-min Discovery Call with Ananta (valued at $250) to explore how they may support you to realize your publishing dreams:


Follow Ananta on Instagram:  

Watch Ananta being interviewed by Dr. Deepak Chopra: 

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