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Nautilus Online Book Club

Embark on a unique interactive journey as we delve into the pages of profound books, accompanied by a community of kindred spirits joined by the authors.

Carrie Rich,

CEO, The Global Good Fund

Consistent with Julie's gift for cutting through the chaos and offering reality-based solutions, this book offers a fresh and immediately actionable alternative to outdated ways of thinking about careers. Finally, a way to democratize development and empower a workforce capable of changing the world. Leaders who embrace this multidimensional approach to career development will enrich their organizations as well as the broader business community. Making change for good happens one person at a time, and Promotions Are So Yesterday offers the framework and resources to enable leaders to help everyone reach their greatest potential and thrive.

About the Book

Promtions are so Yesterday.jpg

Promotions Are So Yesterday is the recipient of the 2023 Bronze Medal from the Axiom Business Book Awards in the category of Success/Motivation/Coaching and the 2023 Nautilus Book Award in the category of Business & Leadership (Self Pub/small Press).

The time-honored tradition of defining career development exclusively in terms of promotions, moves, and title changes is dead. Beyond, between, and besides the climb up the positional ladder, there are many other ways that employees can—and want to—grow. However, many organizations still operate under the notion that promotions are the only option for career development, leaving employees disengaged, managers frustrated, and the business disadvantaged in its efforts to retain talent.

The good news is that career development is so much more than promotions alone, and managers are in a powerful position to redefine career development and create positive results for their employees and their organizations in this area.

In Promotions Are So Yesterday, Julie Winkle Giulioni offers you a new approach for developing your employees’ careers and helping them thrive in a company when promotions are not readily available. Discover an easy-to-apply framework of seven alternative dimensions of development (contribution, competence, confidence, connection, challenge, contentment, and choice) that will engage your employees—dynamic opportunities for growth that are completely within your control as a manager.

Promotions Are So Yesterday is filled with practical advice, nearly 100 questions to spark reflection and productive dialogue, and actionable templates and tools that managers can use with employees. Help bring your employees and your organization to even greater achievement with a strategy that will increase your employees’ job satisfaction, performance, knowledge, and skills, and strengthen your organization’s workforce.

To learn more about the book, check out

To purchase the book, click on the image below. Participants are encouraged to obtain and secure the book at least one week before the start of Week 1.

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Meet the Author

Julie Winkle Giulioni is a champion for workplace growth and development. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their potential. And she supports organizations and leaders who want to make that happen with keynote speeches, consulting and training.


Julie is the co-author of the international bestseller, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Organizations Need and Employees Want, translated into seven languages. Her latest book, Promotions Are So Yesterday: Redefine Career Development. Help Employees Thrive has been recognized with an Axiom Business Book Award.


She is a regular columnist for Training Industry Magazine and SmartBrief and contributes articles on leadership, career development, and workplace trends to numerous publications, including Fast Company and The Economist.


Named by Inc. Magazine as a Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Julie’s in-person and virtual keynotes and presentations offer fresh, inspiring, yet actionable strategies for leaders who are interested in their own growth as well as supporting the growth of others.


Her firm, DesignArounds, creates and offers training to organizations worldwide and has earned praise and awards from Human Resource Executive Magazine’s Top Ten Training Products, New York Film Festival, Brandon Hall, and Global HR Excellence Council. 


Julie lives in her 100+ year-old house in South Pasadena, California, with her husband, daughter, and rescue pooch, Pixel. 


You can keep up with Julie through her blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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About the Online Book Club

I’m so excited about facilitating this book club. When I wrote Promotions Are SO Yesterday, I knew it would become a helpful tool for managers and leaders struggling with career development in today’s more complex environment. But it’s through exploring these concepts – as well as our mental models – with others that I’ve seen the ideas really take hold and make a difference.


So, get ready to challenge your current thinking, update old assumptions and practices, and explore a 21st century approach to career development. Through discussions and activities, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about your own motivations as well as your employees’. You’ll get to process and internalize a new framework for ensuring the engagement and growth employees want – and your organization needs. And we’ll dig into how you can apply the concepts from the book to your own workplace situations. Think part book club, part masterclass, part real-time peer coaching… and a whole lot of fun during our four weeks together.

A Fascinating 4-Week Experience

March 12 - April 2, 2024

Embark on an enriching and rare journey with the author and the community to delve into this award-winning book!

Your journey will include the following elements:


Dates: March 12 - April 2, 2024
Tuesdays @ 10:00 - 11:00 am (PST) / 1:00 - 2:00 pm (EST)

with the possibility of an extended (90-minute) session during the final week for integration.

Fee: $125

Each week, participants join together for a guided session with the author.

Please acquire and secure the book at least one week before the commencement of Week 1.

Registration Deadline: March 8, 2024

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