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Nautilus Online Book Club

Embark on a unique interactive journey as we delve into the pages of profound books, accompanied by a community of kindred spirits joined by the authors.

Chandra Talpade Mohanty,

author of Feminism Without Borders:

Decolonizing Theory, Practicing Solidarity

"a profoundly theoretical, emotionally textured, and rich reflection on the material and metaphysical intimacies that sustain all our lives. A book to savor, guide, and sustain us in these difficult times.”

About the Book

In Myriad Intimacies feminist author, spiritual practitioner and filmmaker Lata Mani oscillates between text and video, poetry and prose, genre and form, register and voice, and secular and sacred to offer a transmedia exploration of the interrelatedness of lives, concepts, frameworks, and aspects of self. She draws on concepts from tantra—a philosophy that celebrates matter as alive, embodiment as sacred, and the senses as a form of intelligence—alongside feminist, critical race, and cultural theory to meditate on the ways in which everyone and everything exists in dense, indivisible, interrelations. Addressing issues ranging from desire, the body, nature, and love, to otherness, identity politics, social justice, #MeToo, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Mani foregrounds the power and necessity of recognizing relationality as foundational. Throughout, she offers a way of reframing what we think we know and how we come to know it, demonstrating that it is only by acknowledging and embracing the indivisible and interdependent nature of existence that we restore our true intimacy with each other and the world.

After registration, and upon request, participants will receive a code for a 30% discount off the cover price of the book. Please note that shipment using this method may take a bit longer, so participants are encouraged to obtain and secure the book at least one week before the start of Week 1.

To purchase the book, without the coupon code, please click on the image below.

Myriad Intimacies

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Meet the Author

Lata Mani is a writer, filmmaker and transmedia explorer. She has published on a broad range of issues, from feminism and colonialism, to illness, spiritual philosophy and contemporary politics. Her work experiments with form and genre in exploring synergies between social inquiry, artistic practice & contemplative philosophy. Recent books include The Integral Nature of Things & SacredSecular & films (with Nicolás Grandi) The Earth on its Axis, We in our Skin: The Tantra of Embodiment & The Poetics of Fragility.


To learn more visit the Authors page:

  • Lata Lani
  • Lata Mani Instagram
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About the Online Book Club

I envisage the book club as a space in which we can together slowly explore Myriad Intimacies. The book’s cumulative and multi-genre form invites us, through reading/viewing, to (re)think ideas about self, other, nature, desire, racial and identity differences. My hope is that our transit through prose, poetry, essay, video, and typographical experiments will allow us to not merely encounter the ideas I propose but to experience them as well.


In the book, I strive to bridge academic and general interest audiences. If some of the language in some of the pieces is difficult, you will find that we return to the same concepts elsewhere in a way that makes easier or clearer sense. The additional materials and our two Zoom sessions will also serve to clarify concepts and extend the conversation. I am as keen to learn from your experience of reading/viewing as to ensure that you “get” my argument. To this end, you will be invited to generate a map of your own journey through the text. I look forward to learning from you all.

A Profound 4-Week Experience
Embark on an enriching and rare journey with the author and the community to delve into this award-winning book!

Your journey will include the following elements:

Dates: February 6 - 27, 2024

Zoom Meetings:
Tuesday, February 13 & Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

In this 4-week online book club, Weeks 1 & 3 are self-study. In Weeks 2 & 4 participants and the author meet:

Week 2 (Tuesday, February 13) and Week 4 (Tuesday, February 27) at 6:00 pm (PST) on Zoom.

Please acquire and secure the book at least one week before the commencement of Week 1 by purchasing it from the link above or requesting the 30% code—please note that shipment using this method may take a bit longer.

Fee: $85

Registration Deadline: February 2, 2024

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