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Benefits for winning a Nautilus Book Award may include but are not limited to the following:

  • First, we are grateful to award your book as a Nautilus Award-winning book.

  • Cash Prize for Grand Winner.

  • Ascot Media Group (Award-Winning Benefit Provider)—Ascot Media Group, PR and Marketing, offers discounts on its services for Nautilus Award-Winning Authors. Our 2024 Nautilus Grand Prize Winner will receive 30 days of The Select Plan (a $995 value) as a complimentary service from Ascot. Click here for Select Plan information.

  • Book Award Pro discounts on services

  • Combined Book Exhibit discounts on services

  • Ease of Mind (audiobook recording specialists) discounts on services.

  • Soul Wisdom Press & PR discounts on services

  • The Book Revue discounts on services 

  • Visibility for our special Winners: Special Focused Topics, Debut Author, and Grand Prize Winner.

  • Possible Additional Promotional Opportunities:  Each season can offer Nautilus a variety of (physical or virtual) Exhibits and/or Conference opportunities. Nautilus Book Awards attendance at such events is largely dependent on the time and availability of conferences/exhibits and our Nautilus Book Award staff. 

  • Visibility: Book covers of all Award-winning Titles are hosted on the Nautilus Website.  See the Nautilus Winners tab.

    Social Media Promotion: Nautilus promotes on our social media platforms-Facebook and Instagram in addition to our expanding YouTube Channel. 

  • Award Seals: Embossed, Custom Nautilus Winner Seals to use on Award-winning books. Initial seals at no charge during the specified time frame each award season. 

  • Digital image of Nautilus Winners Seal (at no charge) for author or publisher to use on their website/marketing materials/reprints of the book.


Over the past two decades, we have been blessed to witness and celebrate an abundance of award-winning books that offer inspiration, imagination, wisdom, and new possibilities!

Nautilus Book Awards is in our 23rd Season. We wouldn't be who we are without all of our Nautilus award-winning authors and publishers through the past two decades.  You all have planted precious seeds of wisdom to nurture humanity and the planet!  Your work embodies many genres of the writer’s craft, embraces a diverse spectrum of the publishing industry, and has invoked visions for a better future from many states of the USA and more than a dozen other nations around the world.

We deeply honor your commitment, insights, and talent to birth books that inspire, connect, and co-create healing, peace, and justice paths.

The Nautilus Book Awards will continue to honor authors whose works point us in the direction of wholeness and more love. Everything from caring for Bonobos, our communities, ourselves, and our world in the multitude of ways that are unfolding.

For more specifics about the history of the Nautilus program, see The Nautilus Story.


This list of appreciation is not complete without great gratitude to Nautilus Book Awards founder Marilyn McGuire for her vision, intention, and boundless hard work. She and all the committed staff and volunteer team members through the years have illuminated Better Books for a Better World and brought Nautilus Book Awards to Life.

Heartfelt thanks to the following Authors and Publishers who are named here as emissaries of more than 3,000 persons who have been honored with a Nautilus Award during the past two decades:

  • For a sample of Nautilus Award-Winning authors and publishers from our most recent years, visit this page. For a fuller presentation of award-winning Names and Books, see Past Winners.

Note:  Authors are listed alphabetically by Last name. Publishers (in italics), those with “SM” are Small Press (2- 10 books annually, from multiple authors).

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